Harry Potter and the King of the Marauders

By JustBored21

Status: Abandoned, Word Count: 16,800, Pairing: Harry Potter/Bellatrix Black/Narcissa Black/Andromeda Black, Genre: Adventure/Romance

Read the Fic Here: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13409135/1/Harry-Potter-and-the-King-of-the-Marauders

Author’s Summary: Harry Potter, master of death, is reborn as the twin brother of James Potter. Join him as he changes the future for the better, not just for his brother, but also for wizarding Britain. No making friends with Snape or Wormtail, Harry will be paired with one of or all three of the black sisters, decided after first chapter. Dumbledore bashing, powerful/god-like Harry.

My Thoughts: So here’s the thing. I understand that reviewing a JB21 fic is kind of like kicking a puppy. An incredibly irritating, pretentious, and trope-infested puppy, but a puppy nonetheless. But here’s the thing. I picked up this fic planning to just read the first chapter and then put it down, and possibly add it to my list of fics I won’t review, but I decided there were just enough potentially interesting ideas here to warrant a proper review, and considering that it is only 16k words long, I figured it couldn’t hurt to give the rest of it a look. So let’s talk about this mess of a fic, because…wow there’s a lot to discuss here. First of all, this fic is absolutely dripping in Specialest Special Boy Protagonist Syndrome. This fic’s lore is that Harry spent 1,000,000 years in a timeless pocket dimension training with Merlin and the founders, and in doing so became the “true” Master of Death, which….apparently means the person who is the master of the “secondary” Master of Death, which is what you become when you collect the three Hallows. So this is basically an excuse to make Harry the actual most special boy to ever live. He can do wandless magic from the age of zero, he beats six Death Eaters without a wand at the age of seven, he’s a master at flirting by the age of ten, the list goes on. I bitch about OP protagonists quite a bit, but….wow this fic really put into perspective just how much worse it can get. Another thing I quickly noticed was how horribly every female character was written. Every woman or girl in this fic talks in exactly the same way, has the exact same personality, and is just….generally boring. It really bugs me how demeaning this fic is to its female characters, and although this is only one of many issues, it’s one of the most obnoxious and difficult to ignore. Oh also, this fic has bashing. Specifically, it has Dumbledore, Pettigrew, and Snape bashing. So overall, this fic’s plot and characterization both suck ass. So how does the rest of the fic fair? Well, the dialogue is insanely cringe. Harry’s dialogue is pretentious and overly smug and everybody else talks exactly the same way. Nothing more to really say about that. Finally, you’ll be happy to know that this fic’s mechanics are also shit. Spelling errors are all over the place, the grammar is some of the worst I’ve seen outside of parodies like My Immortal, and it’s just a general mess. While this fic has a few theoretically interesting ideas here and there, they are absolutely buried under hundreds of layers of horseshit. Putting this all together, there is only one tier where this fic could ever belong.

Tier: Not Good

Written on 05/24/2021

Edit: 01/23/2022: While I stand by the ideas of this review, the execution is quite poor. It does not even begin to live up to my standards of quality that I hold today, and I find it quite ironic that I wrote such a shitty review for a fic this bad. Long story short, don’t read this fic, because it definitely does suck ass, but also don’t use this review as a benchmark for my talent as a critic. The only reason I’m not straight up redoing it is because I don’t want to reread the fic. I can promise that this review will forever remain on my website though. Thank you, and have a nice day.

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