The Not Good Tier

As the title suggests, this tier is reserved for stories that I think are bad. Now, I’m a fairly easy person to please when it comes to fanfiction, so there aren’t currently very many fics in this tier, but who knows when that number will expand? Either way, I think these stories are deeply flawed in multiple key ways, and I’ll explain why in detail below.

Click on the title of the story to read my thoughts on it. Click on the name of the author to go to their profile page.

A Note on The Downward Spiral Saga:
There was a time when I had reviews for every book in BolshevikMuppet’s Downward Spiral Saga posted up here. Those reviews ranged from mildly positive to very negative, but upon further reflection, I got the series dead wrong. It is bad. It is…..really bad. I feel ashamed for any praise I had previously given it, and I have removed them from the Archives. I hope nobody took my recommendation of it seriously, and I really hope that nobody who did thought less of me after as a result.

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