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Back when this website was first formed, it was used primarily to house my reviews of Harry Potter Fanfiction. Then, at a certain point, I took a break from the fandom (and fanfiction in general) and, after dabbling with other forms of content, dropped the long review format entirely. Now that the Archives have been repurposed to be more of a recommendation database than anything else, I’m moving these reviews away from the spotlight, but I certainly don’t want to delete what represents a solid two years of effort.

From this page, you can find a link to every review I’ve ever written for this website, as well as a link to the page explaining my old rating system. These will both be password protected to stop people from getting to them without coming to this page first, but the passwords. are both available from this page, so if you’re here you’re free to access them.

I hope that those of you who enjoyed my old work will continue to find it helpful, while those of you discovering this website for the first time will enjoy a taste of what I used to do.

Fic Review Directory:
Password: AlexandraQuick

Percy Jackson Book Reviews:
Password: CalypsoTheIslander

Chapter/Chunk Reviews:
Password: TheDarkPrince

Other Media Reviews:
Password: StarkidCentral

Explaining My Rating System:
Password: TheLastCrusade

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