The Reviewless Recs

Sometimes, I’ll read something that I want to share with you and recommend that you check out, but that I don’t want to write a review/analysis of for a variety of potential reasons. Maybe it’s a drabble or a very short oneshot, and I just don’t have enough words to justify one, maybe it’s something that I just didn’t personally have all that much to say about, or maybe it’s something else entirely. Either way, whenever that happens, those will go here. I’ll be using five categorizations to divide these, depending on how much I enjoyed them: Excellent, Great, Good, Decent, and Average. If that sounds intuitive, it’s because it’s supposed to be. Welcome to the Reviewless Recs. I hope you find something worth reading here.


Ice Cream by Andrius
Complete / 8,137 / Romance/Humour / Harry/Daphne
“Harry runs into the Ice Queen of Slytherin during a late night trip to the kitchens.”

Twins by Andrius
Complete / 10,933 / Romance/Humour / Harry/Hestia Carrow/Flora Carrow
“Desperate for a Yule Ball date, Harry asks the eerie Carrow twins to go with him and Ron. Somehow the evening ends with both Flora and Hestia on his arms.”5,


Une Seule Danse by Darkened Void
Complete / 12,609 / Romance / Harry/Fleur
“My one-shot for the FlowerPot Discord Emily Collection. Harry Potter was to escort Fleur Delecour, his friend of over three years, to the Yule Ball. But the prospect left him little more than a bundle of nerves. He’d made a promise to her, and he would not let her down. After all, what could change from just one dance? Fluffy!”

Healer by DarthMittens
Complete / 4,794 / Romance/Hurt/Comfort / Harry/Hermione
“‘You are definitely a person worth saving.’ Seven words spoken by a stranger standing at the foot of Hermione’s hospital bed irrevocably change both of their lives forever. AU. Muggle Hermione. One-Shot.”

Edelweiss by SalTalStudios
Complete / 19,254 / Romance/Friendship / Harry/Fleur
“When Harry got on a broom for the first time to catch Neville’s Remembrall, he never imagined it would be the start of a series of events that would lead him to a certain French witch and change his life forever. One-shot. Flowerpot. AU-no horcruxes, Pettigrew captured at the end of 3rd year.”

Ethereal by Sectumus Prince
Complete / 2,700 / Romance/Friendship
“‘With her to shine like an ethereal light, guiding him through his darkest moments, he felt that nothing could truly be wrong.'”

By the Light of the Moon by Sectumus Prince
Complete / 5,479 / Romance/Hurt/Comfort / Harry/Luna
“He had never been noticed here before. Not until she came along. There had always been something unique about Luna, but it wasn’t until now that Harry truly realized how special she was.”

The Lone Traveler: Nemesis by TheSinisterMan
Complete / 9,066 / Suspense/Horror
“Harry Potter, once the Boy-Who-Lived, is now the Lone Traveler, a dimension-hopping wanderer of the multiverse. His travels have led him to a world in which his own Fifth-Year self is about to confront Voldemort at the Department of Mysteries. But this time, he is not the only traveler to visit this world. And for once, Voldemort isn’t the deadliest threat.”

Trust Me by Ubiquitouslyverbose
Complete / 13,664 / Romance/Drama / Harry/Fleur
“A one-shot, part of the Flowerpot Discord Server’s brilliant Emily Collection. Fleur returns to England after the final battle to help with efforts to finally make the war a legacy of the past. In the aftermath of their efforts, romance blossoms between two champions. As long as they know to trust one another.”


Hot Chocolate, Helpful Snake by 1Valor1
Complete / 2,288 / Romance / Harry/Daphne
“Harry finds himself upset following the confiscation of his broom on Christmas day. A Slytherin girl gets involved and turns a bad Christmas into a fond memory.”

Twelve Days by TheEndless7
Complete / 48,433 / Romance / Harry/Gabrielle
“Follow Harry Potter through the twelve days that will define his adult life. A Post-War Romance for Christmas”

Forever in My Heart by MightyAmphitrite
Complete / 10,160 / Harry/Luna
“When Harry Potter is brought to work in the stables at Downton Abbey as a boy, he finds more than a new home: he finds a friend. But can his friendship with a lady of the house last, as their lives take different paths and war looms on the horizon?”


Harry and his Princess by 1Valor1
Complete / 4,794 / Romance/Friendship / Harry/Astoria
“Harry doesn’t stand a chance against the forces of evil – he doesn’t know that but many others do, including a younger pureblooded girl who doesn’t want to lose everything. Astoria Greengrass intervenes on his behalf and forms an attachment along the way.”

Homecoming by Brennus
Complete / 102,439 / Harry/Ginny
“After four years working overseas for the shadowy Department M, a world-weary and dispirited Harry Potter returns to the land of his birth. He meets some old friends and makes some new ones, as he learns that much has changed since he left home. AU, a ‘Harry never went to Hogwarts’ story.”

The Lion Tamer by James Spookie
Complete / 142,168 / Harry/Daphne
“First in the Lion’s Trilogy. Daphne likes Harry, and decides she wants to get to know him. Harry is receptive to her advances. Little do they know of how their blossoming relationship will change the course of fate.”

The Lion’s Pride by James Spookie
Complete / 140,051 / Adventure/Romance / Harry/Daphne
“Second in the Lion’s Trilogy. After Ron’s death, Harry and company face their sixth year at Hogwarts. Trained by Dumbledore, will they unlock the secret in how to defeat Voldemort? Rated m for content.”

The Lion’s Roar by James Spookie
Complete / 92,847 / Harry/Daphne
“The final in the Lion’s Trilogy. Dumbledore has died and left Harry one final task. With Daphne, Hermione and Neville at his side, Harry intends to end the war started the night his parents were killed.”


A Good Riddle by 1Valor1
Complete / 4,581 / Romance/Family / Harry/Delphini
“She tries to kill him. He tries to heal her.”

Harry’s Secret Friend by James Spookie
Complete / 137,084 / Romance/Friendship / Harry/Daphne
“Not everyone hates Harry. Some are just too afraid of what other people think. This was my very first story.”

Harry Potter and the Dragon’s Revenge by James Spookie
Complete / 127,321 / Romance/Drama / Harry/Daphne
“The sequel to Harry’s Secret Friend brought back because people wanted it back.”

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